Our Menu

1. Breakfast

Toast (Veo, Gfo):  $7
Choice of jam, honey, vegemite or peanut butter Sourdough/wholegrain/rye/fruit loaf.
Gluten-free = $2.

Free-Range GGS:  $12
Served on Zeally Bay Sourdough, snow peas tendrils, zaatar pesto and house dukkah.

House Granola:  $13
With organic rolled oats, mixed nuts, fresh berries, whipped labneh Maple syrup.

Yuzu Eggs Benedict:  $20
14 hours slow-cooked pulled pork, poached eggs, yuzu infused hollandaise, zaatar pesto, house dukkah on crispy potato hash.

Turkish Eggs:  $22
Whipped labneh, spiced suzuk sausage, red pepper oil, soft poached eggs, sourdough, Herb gremoulata, dukkah, fresh herbs.

Breakfast Roll:  $16
Fried egg, double smoked bacon, American cheddar, hash lettuce, onion jam, aioli, toasted Brioche bun.

Rocky Road French Toast:  $22
Crunchy French toast, coconut and Nutella mascarpone, berry compote, burnt marshmallows, crushed pistachios, seasonal berries.

Ricotta Hot Cake:  $20
3 buttermilk hotcake, mascarpone, blueberry, salted coconut oat crumble, maple Syrup, lemon curd fairy flour.

Red Chilli Scramble:  $15
Scrambled eggs, red chilli, spring onions, cheddar, house chilli relish, topped with Fried shallots on sourdough.

Avocado Smash: $18
Local avocado, organic sourdough, heirloom tomatoes and corn salsa, whipped Persian feta, Mint, house dukkah and poached egg.

Full Breakfast:  $24
Poached Eggs, sourdough, sujik sausage, smoked bacon, crispy hash, labneh, House dukkah, tomato chilli jam, grilled halloumi, snow peas tendrils.

2. Extras

Seasoned Beer Battered Chips:  $10

Yuzu Infused Hollandaise/ tomato onion jam/ house siracha/ smoked BBQ/extra egg:  $3

Corn and tomato salsa/ wilted spinach:  $4

Half avocado/Meredith goat feta/crispy potato hash browns/grilled halloumi/truffled mushroom:  $5

Double smoked bacon/pulled pork/sujik sausage/smoked salmon:  $5.5

3. Sandwiches (all $16 served with rice crisp).

Cuban Mixto:  $14
14hrs slow-cooked pulled pork, smoked leg ham, cheese, house pickles, dijonnaise.

Truffle Club Sandwich:  $16
Rye sourdough, panko-crusted chicken schnitzel, truffle mayo, bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, topped with parmesan.

Avo + Chicken Sandwich:  $14
Poached chicken breast, aioli, celery, fresh herbs, watercress, topped with parmesan.

Side Fries:  $5

Meatballs Sandwich:  $16
Five house meatballs, shaved provolone, fresh basil, smoked tomatoes.

4. Lunch

Prawn Linguini (Veg Option):  $24
Tiger prawns, linguini, chilli, shallots, cherry tomatoes, mascarpone, white wine and lemon oil.

Buddha Bowl:  $20
Puffed Quinoa, spinach, cherry tomatoes, avocado, charred corn, whipped feta, fresh herbs, beetroot hummus, spiced cauliflower and gremolata.

Chicken And Halloumi Salad:  $23
Grilled chicken breast, halloumi, smokey chipotle mayo, greens, cucumber, fresh herbs, Fattoush crisps, pomegranate, baby heirloom tomatoes, lemon olive oil dressing.

Creamy Mushroom Schnitzel:  $24
Panko-crusted parmesan and herbed chicken breast, seasoned fries, creamy Mushroom sauce and salad

Portuguese Half Chicken:  $24
House marinated chargrilled half chicken, rice, pilaf, greens and fresh herbs, Secret spices and Portuguese sauce.

5. For The Kiddies

Chicken tenders: $9
One egg on toast: $8
Chippies: $5

Coffee by market lane:

Black:  $4
White:  $ 4.5
Alt.milk:  $ 0.5
Iced latte:  $6
Batch/cold brew:  $ 6
Mork chocolate:  $5
Prana chai:  $6
Matcha/turmeric/chai:  $5.5

Teas by origin:  $5

English breakfast
green sencha
earl grey
lemon grass ginger
forest berry.

Juiced:  $8

Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Watermelon And Lime

6. Smoothies:  $11

coconut milk.

Mixed berry
coconut water
chia seeds

peanut butter
almond milk.

7. Crushes:  $10



Liberty kombucha:  $6
Coconut water:  $6
Coke, coke no sugar:  $4
Unlimited sparkling water:  $2

8. Beers In Taps

Item = Pot/Schooner.

Furphy = 6/9
Pacific ale = 6/9
White rabbit dark ale = 6/9

9. Wine

Prosecco, dunes & greene: 8/55
Shiraz, plus & minus (zero alcohol): 8/50
Merlot, fishbone: 8/51
Pinot nior, elephant in the room: 8/51
Pinot gris, tempus two: 8/51
Sauvignon blanc, deakin estate: 8/50
Sauvignon blanc, mojo o4: 8/50
Rose, counterpoint: 8/51